Tecnomin successfully handles the following aspects of a project:

  1. Market and feasibility studies;

  2. Mining and geomathematics projects;

  3. Ore characterization and reserve parameterization;

  4. Development and/or advise on mineral processes;

  5. Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering;

  6. Management, procurement and expediting;

  7. Training of personnel and start-up;

  8. Development of as-built.

Tecnomin excels in providing the following Engineering services:

  1. Environmental Preservation Reports;

  2. Mining plans with Geoestatistic Resources;

  3. Process and instrumentation Flow sheet;

  4. Handling, storage, blending, recovery of bulk solids and pneumatic transport;

  5. Handling, transportation, storage and distribution of liquids and gases in general;

  6. Systems for the generation and distribution of compressed air, vacuum, steam and hot air;

  7. Crushing, grinding, screening and classifying in wet pneumatic media;

  8. Filtration, thickening and clarification;

  9. Dust control;

  10. Support and infrastructure facilities;

  11. Transmission, transformation and distribution of power;

  12. Water impounding, adduction, supply, reservation, distribution and treatment;

  13. Waste discard, treatment and containment;

  14. Automation systems;

  15. Roads and railway Engineering;

  16. Industrials projects, port, facilities, pelletizing lime and cement.

Tecnomin’s staff and associate capabilities cover the following Engineering Specialties:

  1. Mining and Geomathematics;

  2. Environment and Tailings Treatment;

  3. Industrial Processes;

  4. Ore and Raw Material Handling and Stockpiling;

  5. Tailings Discard;

  6. Mechanical Layouts;

  7. Industrial Piping and Utilities;

  8. Hydrology and Hydraulics;

  9. Concrete, Steel Structures and Foundations;

  10. Geotechnics, Dams and Tunnels;

  11. Power Transmission, Transformation, Distribution, Control, Lighting and Earthing;

  12. Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Communication;

  13. Architecture, Urban Planning and Infrastructure;

  14. Road and Railway Engineering;

  15. Planning, Management, Supply and Procurement.


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